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Free phone systems for schools …

Free hosted phone system when booking INSET training

Intrepreneurship to promote distributive leadership

The desirability of distributtive leadership for schools is obvious.  Actually facilitating it with your staff is an entirely different matter.

Amelix Education Resources have devised a training day that is specifically designed to promote Intrepreneurship in schools. By teaching the principals of Entrepreneurship your staff will be challenged to look at their everyday practice to determine how their approach can impact, positively, upon the schools outcomes.

To make the day even more attractive Amelix Telecom are sponsoring these training days, so if you book a Training day in September or October you are entitled to a £2000 credit on a hosted phone system or if you buy a phone system you can get £2000 towards the training. Amelix Telecom are also offering every school that moves their telecoms to the cloud will get a years free subscription to our  CSE Education platform

Key to the day is enjoyment and interactivity. There is nothing worse than sitting listening to lectures so we avoid that at all costs.  If you are interested in discussing your INSET day, please call .

£2000 INSET day voucher when ordering a new Phone system

Amelix Telecoms hosted PBX gives all the benefits of top end phone systems without the expense. If you need a new phone system we would like you to consider our latest offer and are happy to give you a completely free price comparison. With multiple benefits including all staff having their own extension with answerphone and call recording. We believe that the offer we have developed for schools has huge benefits over traditional systems and would welcome a discussion to see, exactly, what it can do for you.

As an added bonus, if you buy a new system, through Amelix, you are entitled to a £2000 INSET day voucher to be spent at Amelix Education Resources. Although currently promoting our ‘Intrepreneurship to promote distributive leadership’ we are able to design the day around your specific requirements to provide a bespoke experience for your school.

Should you buy a new phone system you will also be eligible for a free CSE Education platform, sponsored by Amelix Telecom

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