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Fully Hosted PBX

So you may have heard people talking about VOIP or Hosted PBX, but what does it all mean?

Well, very simply, hosted telephony works in the same way as a traditional telephone system but without expensive hardware or the need for any hard wiring, in fact, it uses an internet connection for the lines and the main system is put in a cloud. The calls are made using VoIP (Voice over IP)

The fact that a system is not static and does not require any hard wiring like traditional phone systems means the possibilities are endless and can grow with businesses without any disruption. It also allows businesses that operate from multiple sites to link up better or businesses that have lots of people working from home can plug their phone into a router and be on the office switchboard. Click here to see some of the features available on a Hosted PBX System.

We can add and remove lines (channels) in minutes giving your business complete flexibility. In addition to this we can offer businesses of all sizes features that were once traditionally the preserve of large organisations that had systems which cost tens of thousands of pounds. We are also adding to the system all the time so if there is something you would like that is not on our system tell us and if you think it will be useful we will make it for you.

Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions

So how much money will I save by having a hosted PBX system?

Well, there will be a saving compared to a standard phone line, the rental is cheaper and calls are significantly cheaper so you should see a saving. If you also add in all the additional functionality you get from a Hosted platform over having to purchase a standard phone system the savings soon add up.

How much will you save? Well that depends on several factors and the savings will be different for everyone. If you are a prudent customer and are constantly shopping around for the best deals the savings are going to be less than someone who has been with BT for years.

We offer totally free without obligation bill comparisons and will be happy to demonstrate how much you will save by moving your phones to us. Give us a call on 01227 282 900 or email telecom@amelix.co.uk and one of the team will get straight back in touch.

What about installation?

We have got you covered on this, the bulk of the setup happens in the Amelix Telecom cloud, so you don’t have to worry to much. We can send you pre-configured handsets which when plugged in will find our cloud automatically.

You may like us to come to your premises and set the system up, we have a network of our own engineers and approved partners across the UK who can come and do this for you and we are happy to quote.

How long does it take to migrate my number?

There are several ways of migrating a number, and a lot will depend on where your number currently sits and how helpful your outgoing provider is. We have a dedicated team who port numbers all day long and we will do everything for you.

The process usually takes around 10 days, however like with everything it is best to have a conversation about your circumstances and we will happily advise.

What happens if my broadband goes down?

The most common question we get asked when we talk about Hosted PBX is what happens if my internet goes down. Well like most traditional phone lines if there is a fault with a line we can divert your numbers to a mobile or you can plug a handset in on any internet connection and start making or receiving calls again.

As we can control all your settings in the cloud we can react much faster than if you had a traditional phone line and, therefore, divert calls within seconds to wherever you want them to go.

I don’t have a fibre internet connection can I still have a Hosted PBX system?

The short answer is yes. We don’t need a superfast connection for our network we just need a reliable connection. Voice calls do not use up a lot of bandwidth so a traditional ADSL line will be fine as long as it is stable.

Before we commit any customers to VOIP we would monitor your connectivity and if we didn’t think the line was stable enough we wouldn’t recommend it to you.

We would always recommend a dedicated line for voice away from your main internet browsing.

What is a channel?

In a nutshell, a channel acts like a traditional phone line or a channel on an ISDN system. If you have 8 channels on your Hosted PBX it means you can make or receive 8 simultaneous phone calls with the outside world in any one go.

You don’t need lots of channels to make or receive internal calls (extensions attached to your hosted PBX) even those on a different site. You only need channels for making calls to numbers outside your system.

How quickly can you add new channels to my system?

Ok the time it takes for you to read the answer to this question is about the average time it takes to add another channel to our network. It is really easy, you call us and we will apply a channel right away.

During busy periods it can take a little longer, so we always say allow an hour but certainly no longer than that. The days of waiting for engineers to visit or having to book phone engineers have long gone!

We will also email if you have any periods where all your channels are in use, meaning that you will know if more channels are needed.

Do you charge an at seat licence fee?

No, unlike many other Hosted PBX solutions we do not charge seat licences. This is a charge per handset you have on the network, we simply charge for the number of channels you have. We can add and remove the number of channels you have in minutes.

I only have a couple of phones in my business is Hosted PBX right for me?

The beauty of hosted PBX is that it works for businesses of all sizes there is no minimum number of channels needed. The best bit about hosted PBX is the solution will grow with you and gives you huge flexibility as you can take your handset anywhere in the world and work as if you were in your office.

You can also access a wealth of features that were once the preserve of big expensive phone systems so we can give your business flexibility too.

How long is the contract?

We want you to be with us because you want to be, not because we have locked you into a contract forever and a day. That being said some of our carriers lock us into contracts and we then have to lock you into agreements to mirror those deals.

We can talk to you about contract length before you switch, we will always put you on a 30 day rolling contract when your contract period comes to an end.

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