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In The Cloud & On The Move!

HatHats Coffee Company, based in Whitstable in Kent is a startup coffee company that strives to be the best at everything it does; from serving the very best coffee and cakes to trade partners and members of the public.

In 2016 it lovingly restored a vintage Citroen HY Coffee Van, lovingly named ‘Hattie’ and they called us in to help

We have been helping HatHats with their telephones since they launched and during one meeting when they jokingly said it would be great to put a phone extension into the van so the team at HQ could transfer calls to the van, as well as it would give the staff onboard the van the ability to take orders on the move.

The company didn’t want a mobile phone as many of the calls they receive are from landlines from the local offices it visits on a daily basis.

We therefore decided to give Hattie her own 01227 telephone number and an internal extension to connect her back to Head Office and we used our Hosted PBX to do this,

Amelix Telecom provides businesses of all sizes with hosted telephony solutions, in simple terms they run through the internet rather than traditional phone lines. This enabled us to find a way for the Hattie Van to have their phone in the cloud whilst being on the move. We powered a 4G router and a small POE switch from the onboard power and connected a Polycom handset to the counter 4G router, the ‘Hattie Van’ has now got a its own landline built in, and can be reached on its own phone number or internally from any extension in the companies network.

It’s great, right?

They can now:

  • Call their customers when they’re outside ready to serve hot coffee and cakes
  • They give their customers the phone number to ring them to place orders; they even take the coffee to their desk!
  • Call up the office for deliveries

When the van is back at the warehouse after its routes or not powered up, all the calls are routed to the companies back office automatically and never missed.

HatHats founding Director Lisa said “Having a phone on the van has allowed us to take customer service to the next level as well as help us meet our lone working obliations. Having our own landline on board a van is always a good conversation starter and a lot of the businesses we serve find the service really useful. The team at Amelix Telecom have been fantastic from start to finish’

If you are ever in the Whitstable area and would like to give the Hattie van a ring why not dial 01227 649 090

At Amelix, we love to be set challenges by our customers and utilise our technology to best serve there needs. Our hosted telecom service has allowed us to put an extension and landline on a van, why not give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

If you would like to learn more about Telecoms in the cloud then give our client development team a call! We would be happy to demonstrate the system and if your really lucky we will bring some of ‘Ultimate Chocolate Brownies’ along from the Hattie Van

Give the client development team a ring on 01227 282 900 or email telecom@amelix.co.uk

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