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Phone Calls

Phone Calls

We pride ourselves on offering calling packages built around business needs. We don’t offer free calls as such things don’t exist, if you are on an unlimited bundle you will be paying for the calls somewhere else on the bill in more expensive line rental or on higher calls to destinations outside of the free calls scope. We believe in honest and transparent pricing and we also have the ability to build tariffs that are customised for you with our tariff builder services.

We offer 2 main types of tariff, Happy Connections which is our most competiviely priced, we usually save customers around 70% compared to BT, or Save More Than Money which saves customers around 50% on bills compared to BT and we give 50% of our profit to schools projects in the developing world.

If you would like to see how much money you could dave by switching to us we are happy to give you a free bill analysis, simply send us a copy of your bill and we will do a free analysis for you.

UK Landlines and MobilesStandard call charges to UK landlines and networks

Local Calls 0.9p 0.9p 0.9p
National Call 0.9p 0.9p 0.9p
03 1.4p 1.4p 1.4p
0845 3.0p 2.0p 1.0p
0870 4.0p 2.5p 2.5p
Vodafone 4.5p 4.0p 4.0p
Orange 4.5p 4.0p 4.0p
T-Mobile 4.5p 4.0p 4.0p
O2 4.5p 4.0p 4.0p
Virgin 4.5p 4.0p 4.0p
Three 4.8p 4.5p 4.0p

All call Charges are show as pence per minute, excluding VAT.

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