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“Silent Solutions” Do You Know About This?

After the tragic terror attacks recently, I came across something called “Silent Solutions”.

I never knew about this, neither did my work colleagues, family members or some friends I asked!

Working in the telecommunications industry, I would have thought that this is something I would have come across…

This made me aware that only a minority of people are aware about Silent Solutions, even though it has existed for over a decade! I thought I would write a little blog/ article – whatever you would like to call it, to inform you all.

When you dial 999 in an emergency and you are unable to talk, you are asked if you could either tap the screen or make a noise to ensure that the call isn’t just an accident. If there is no response, it will go through an automated service which will ask you to press the numbers ‘55’ if you’re in an emergency and cannot talk. This will automatically alert the operator that this is an emergency and it will allow them to react efficiently. If there is no reply, then the call will be terminated, assuming the call was made by accident.

The police get hundreds and thousands of accidental calls every day simply from having your phone in your pocket, children playing, and many other reasons! If you ever find yourself in danger and you cannot speak or make a noise, dial 55 which will notify an emergency effectively.

Remember, if you are in an emergency, call 999, if you are unable to talk or make a noise, try and either tap the phone or cough. Or if you can, dial 55 so that the emergency services can help you!

I am hoping to spread awareness of ’55 Silent Solutions’ to ensure that the emergency services can react in the correct way which could help save lives.

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